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The basic principle of the project is to achieve a harmonious integration with the natural and cultural environment.

The design of the ecolodge is based on characteristics of the natural milieu, respecting native vegetation and wildlife, soil, beaches, and the adjacent sea (including coral reefs).

Ecodesign criteria have been applied, so that the ecolodge seemingly sprouts naturally from the environment, by utilising simple forms, based on traditional local materials.

Central Hub



Building materials include: timber, thatch, native grass, and local stone. All labour will be sourced from the surrounding villages in order to support the local economy as well as upskilling the labourers themselves.

Central Hub_Plan



In all that we do, we will ensure that our guests leave with an unforgettable experience that will make them want to come back as well as recommend Rushungi ecolodge to their friends, family members and business partners.

Central Hub_Section



The ecolodge has been designed with distinct features that are intended primarily to blend with the natural environment. The design philosophy incorporates ecologically based strategies to create projects that do not alter existing site systems such as plant and animal communities, soils and hydrology.

Family Unit_Elevation



Aesthetically, the ecolodge is integrated with the natural surroundings and incorporates cultural characteristics whenever appropriate.

Family Unit_Section



The buildings are characterised by curved and triangular forms to fit into the contours of the landscape. Simple specialised thatched roofs are used in all the buildings with exposed roof members.

Family Unit_Structure



The scale of the structures varies according to the function. The main facility where most communal activities take place is the biggest both in size and height. The accommodation units are at a domestic scale.

Environmental Design



Rushungi will be built in accordance with an environmental impact assessment, and systems will be put in place to monitor environmental impacts on an ongoing basis. We envision this lodge as part of a much larger ecosystem, and our intervention can greatly benefit both the natural and economic situation of the area.

Ecological Zones
Ecological Zone Breakdown
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